Aug 17th - 21st 2016

Terryglass, County Tipperary

Jack Wise

Date: Sunday 21st August

Time: 3.00pm & 5.15pm

Venue: Village Square

The Jack Wise Show is a Molotov cocktail of Comedy, Magic and Sword Swallowing.

Items of borrowed jewellery are smashed up in front of the horrified owner’s and then much to the amusement of the audience Jack causes them to vanish only to reappear in a previously empty envelope in plain view all the time!

As Ireland’s only Sword Swallower your audience will witness the spine tingling moment when Jack swallows a 24 inch real sword!!

But the highlight of the show has to be Jack’s ventriloquism.

Using a face mask with a movable jaw, Jack turn an audience member into a side splitting life size puppet! Modesty aside, it’s hilarious and a real show stopper and not to be missed!!