Aug 17th - 21st 2016

Terryglass, County Tipperary

​Aoife Banville - Solas

Date: Everyday

Time: All Day

Venue: The Village Green

Aoife Banville is a visual artist specialising in site-specific installations. Her practice is often based on works that are suspended and use the everyday object in multiple and repeat. She creates quirky, playful, beautiful installations, believing that in the multitude the simple object becomes something ‘otherworldly’. Her installations often utilise and enhance the surrounding natural environment, in particular she likes to work with trees as they provide such an amazing structure to hang from.

For Terryglass Arts Festival, Aoife will create site-specific installations that will transform the tree lined pathway along the river creating an immersive experience. The aerial pieces will be large in scale and will use the element of light to enliven the work.

There will be a sense of wonder and beauty as she transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.